Thursday, July 15, 2010

David Marshall Gets His Ass Kicked...Again

I was happy to find a post about that dishonest and jerk of a christian apologist David Marshall at Debunking Christianity today. It’s written by Hector Avalos, author of the fantastic books The End of Biblical Studies and Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence. It turns out that Avalos is writing a book that will be out in about a year or two debunking the oft heard claim by christian apologists that christianity ended the slave trade. With the little bit of research I conducted for my rebuttal to Marshall’s arguments about slavery it was a good feeling to get some confirmation that many of my arguments were spot on. It was even better, though, to find that many of Marshall’s arguments were nonsense and undocumented. I didn’t bother to look too much at Marshall’s sources. Something that I should probably start doing should I do any more book reviews.

David Marshall’s ass whooping can be found here. To see more of an ass kicking view this thread at where Avalos answers Marshall’s criticisms of John Loftus' book The Christian Delusion. Never one to concede defeat even when all the evidence is against him, Marshall appears to be eager to be made a fool of again since he started a discussion thread calling out, and dismissing Avalos’ above critique on Debunking Christianity. Marshall is sure a glutton for punishment. Hell, I should know. I’ve beaten the pulp out several of his arguments and he still insists he’s right.

Update - 8-26-10

Well, Marshall has recently posted on his blog some responses to Avalos that are, needless to say, highly delusional and outright fictional: Post 1 and Post 2.

Not only does Marshall laughingly declare himself the victor in the debate, but he is guilty of low balling Avalos with his typical attacks upon the character of those he debates. He says of Avalos - which has nothing do to with the debate at hand - in his blog post; just one of his character assassination attempts:

Luke Muehlhauser, self-described “outspoken advocate of reason, freethought, science, and atheism,” and host of the popular "Common Sense Atheist" web site, on the same debate:

"Avalos comes out swinging, citing very specific parts of Craig’s work and trying to put Craig in uneasy situations. Craig responds calmly and confidently, and reminds the audience that almost nothing Avalos has said (1) builds a case against the Resurrection, nor (2) rebuts the arguments Craig gave in this debate. Avalos focuses on a linguistic disagreement with Craig – but of course nobody in the audience can tell who is right, and it wasn’t even part of Craig’s case in the debate.

"Also, Avalos is kind of a %#*& at certain times, which doesn’t help him. His language attacks Craig more than Craig’s arguments. After Craig gives his final speech, Avalos jumps in on Craig’s applause and says, without any humor, “I very much appreciate your applause for me, thank you.” Smooth, Avalos."

William Lane Craig: "Dr. Avalos is less interested in the argument than in impugning the integrity of his opponent. Such extraordinary ad hominem attacks by Dr. Avalos are unseemly and highly unprofessional and serve, I'm afraid, only to sully his own reputation."

What a fucking hypocrite. He’s done the exact same thing to me for the past few years; insulting me and degrading me during my attempts at debate.

Marshall’s response is so typical of him...evasions and distortions and character assassination attempts, I’m not going to even bother mentioning these posts again.

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