Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Lucifer Effect – November 2012

This first video is of an event that occurred in Australia in October. Twenty-one year old Laudisio Curti, a Brazilian student who was studying in Sydney at the time, had taken LSD and went into a “psychotic state.” According to the Huffington Post, Curti appeared confused and disoriented. He allegedly stole two packages of cookies from a convenience store, which is when the police responded. After being choked, kicked, pepper sprayed, and tasered numerous times Curti died from the trauma.


The next video depicts 24-year-old Zlamy Trappler, a homeless Jewish man who was attacked by police while staying at a Jewish youth center. Apparently, someone wrongly believed Trappler wasn't supposed to be there and was drunk and called police. Trappler, after trying to explain the situation to the police who responded to the call, rightfully protested his wrongful imprisonment, and the police proceed to brutally beat him for several minutes.

Apparently, the male pig...I mean officer, is a wannabe boxer who wanted to show off for his partner in crime. It's obvious the idiot didn't have the slightest idea what he was doing. Had he done that shit to someone who actually knows how to fight he would have had his ass handed to him.** This completely innocent man, who had permission from the staff to stay there, was the one being assaulted. He didn't strike out at those assholes once. But, according to Orwellian pig-speak, even lightly touching a cop is considered “assault!”

**Any good fighter ought to know that it's not wise to lean back as he did, with his weight shifted back and to the rear. It saps power from your punches because with your spine in that position you cannot derive power from your legs, which is the prime power source for punches, and you are then reduced to weak “arm punching.” It also makes it easier for your adversary to knock you backward.


This video depicts the abuse of a 15-year-old girl when police place her in a cell but refuse to take her restraints off. They leave her like that for several hours. Later, a small group of police assault her a second time after releasing her, and restrain her again, even though she is not seen being combative in any way.


This final video shows NYPD using excessive force after arresting a woman for the victimless crime of talking on her cell phone while driving.


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