Monday, December 3, 2012

The Lucifer Effect – December 2012

In August of this year it was reported that 20 year old college student Ronald Weekley was skateboarding outside of his home when several police officers approached him, tackled him, and proceeded to beat him. There are conflicting claims by police about why they wanted to arrest Weekly. One officer said he was riding his skateboard in traffic. Another said he was skateboarding “on the wrong side of the street.” Conflicting reports often are a sign of dishonesty, which is what I suspect. Here is the video.


This second video depicts a Texas cop who brutally knee slams a 17 year old teenager. The pig (and please no one whine about my calling this asshole a pig; he is one as his actions surely attest to), named Disraeli Arnold, proceeded to stand up and boast about his brutal treatment to the teen's friend who was using his cell phone to capture the incident. It's been reported that Arnold was placed on administrative leave.


In this final video, this story is a perfect example of the use excessive force due to the complete lack of training most police have. This disabled man did not need to die. He had only one arm and one leg! And he was in a sitting position! How in the world can a one-legged man in a wheel chair advance when his one arm is occupied holding an object? This sounds to me like a case of very excessive force.


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