Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glenn Greenwald: The FISA Court is a Rubber-Stamping Joke

In today's continuing series about the government's warrentless wiretapping and surveillance activities, Greenwald exposes how most of what the government has been saying about “oversight” and the FISA court have been either deceptive or outright false. No warrants are needed in many cases and the court is essentially a rubber-stamping machine for the NSA's surveillance programs. The court provides no oversight to the NSA's activities, it approves requests without knowing the cause, the person or persons under investigation, or what specific information the NSA is looking for. This essentially allow it to conduct “fishing expeditions” and sweep up whatever communications it wants without limit.

You can read Greenwald's latest revelations here.

UPDATE (6-20-13): Here is an update about the FISA court. Here are leaked FISA documents along with an excellent discussion about the procedures used to determine whose information will be gathered. You can find the newest piece in this series of leaks here.

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