Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Lucifer Effect – December 2013

In this first brief clip, a cop grabs an African American teenager and needlessly slams him into the hood of his police car. Almost always the government's lap dogs, the media is sure to reassure their viewers that this behavior isn't “standard police procedure.” Judging by the countless Lucifer Effect posts depicting precisely this kind of behavior, this does appear to be the standard.

In this second video, a young man named Antonio Martinez with down's syndrome is violently attacked with pepper spray and beaten after not immediately following the orders of this jackass cop. As I've said before, police need a lot more training in dealing with developmentally challenged individuals, who often do not understand commands that are given to them, and violence just makes things worse.

In this next video, police shoot and kill an Arizona man named John Loxas who was also holding a nine month old, who was not injured in the incident. The cop involved, James Peters, is reported to have several other questionable shootings on his record. Why this jackass hasn't been fired is beyond me.

This video is just simply disgusting. A woman is pulled over by the LAPD for using her cell phone of all things. Once the woman, identified as Michelle Jordan, is handcuffed she is then slammed face first into the concrete. She has since filed a lawsuit against these two assholes.

In this video, a woman is arrested for protesting a sexual assault by a Marshall! Pay close attention.

8 News NOW

In another sexual harassment case, a Texas woman and her niece were driving across the country and are stopped by Texas state troopers for allegedly throwing cigarette butts out the window. The cop claims he smelled marijuana and calls for a female officer to sexually harass the two women, or what they called it, a pat down to search for drugs. This was completely uncalled for. The two women are reportedly suing the state troopers. Good for them!

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