Monday, December 16, 2013

The TPP Treaty & CATO

I was watching Democracy Now and I had the pleasure of watching a discussion between Bill Watson, a member of the free-market advocacy group the Cato Institute, and Lori Wallach, director of the fair trade group Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, about the infamous Trans-Pacific Partnership “Trade” Agreement.

Rather than being good thing, the TPP actually strips away citizens' rights when it comes to big business and it has more to do with a “grab bag” of special hand outs to corporations (SOPA revisited, longer patents, etc,) than “free trade.” If this is the case, why in the hell is the Cato Institute so supportive of this measure? One would think that any agreement that was anti-free trade would be condemned by an institute that advocates free trade. This is simply another reason why my doubts began to mount about the free-market advocates of the Cato Institute. Many of their policy recommendations seem to be pushing for a pro-business agenda, under the guise of freedom and free markets. It reminds me of the rhetoric of the Discovery Institute. They claim they are pro-science, but they actually have a nasty anti-science agenda. A similar agenda dealing with producers and consumers seems to be at the heart of the Cato Institute as well.

Watch the video below. Lori Wallach does an amazing job pointing out the hypocrisy of Bill Watson.


  1. Wait, you haven't realized that the Cato Institute is a bunch of paid shills for big business, just like every other right-wing think tank regardless of whether or not they claim to be "Libertarian"? That's a bit slow for you. (Besides, IIRC the Cato Institute has been involved in all kinds of nasty shenanigans for quite a while now.)

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Yes, I've known this for quite some time, about a year, but I hadn't read too much of Cato's stuff to really tell. The clues kept piling up the more I looked into their policies though. I mostly read Rothbard and he doesn't seem as pro-business and right wing as many other free-marketers I read, so it didn't jump out at me like when I read Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.'s The Left, The Right, & The State. Around the same time I learned that the Koch brothers (big time political influencers and billionaires) fund the Cato Institute, which was what first started me thinking.


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