Thursday, July 15, 2010

David Aikman’s ‘The Role of Atheism in the Marxist Tradition’

I was able to upload author David Aikman’s 1979 dissertation and I have posted it at Originally I copied it for my own personal use so I could read it more fully at a later date since the library I borrowed it from didn’t allow me to check it out for very long. But I figured that since some christian apologists like David Marshall were continually going on and on about how well researched this book was, and how well it allegedly proved the Communists committed their horrors due to atheism, I thought it would be useful to make it available to anyone who would like to critique the work instead of allowing people like Marshall to hide behind the fact that it can be difficult to come by. It doesn’t appear to be copyrighted, but if either Mr. Aikman or University Microfilms International requests for me to take down the document I will do so.

I hope you enjoy this interesting, though ultimately error ridden work (as far as Aikman’s conclusions go).

The Role of Atheism in the Marxist Tradition by David Aikman


  1. It was very good of you to go to the trouble of this for the interested public. I wonder if you would send me the pdf via email? Scribd is telling me to sign up and upload things, which I'll do at some point, but the timing is inconvenient. If you sent me a pdf to that would be great. No big deal if you don't have the pdf on hand, though.


  2. I'm sorry but the PDF is too large to send. You'll just have to read it from Scribd. I may enable downloads so you can download it directly from the site.


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