Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Am Finished Blogging...

I have been blogging for just over ten years. Other than my long solo blogging career, within that time I have also had the privilege to write with the many great writers and scholars at Skeptic Ink for the last few years.

I remember when I first began blogging sometime in 2005-2006. I had a dinky little blog at a yahoo.com domain where I mostly wrote about the very little I knew the Bible and the snake-oil salesmen Ray Comfort. Over the years I read more books about Christianity and other religions, and I decided to dedicate myself to exposing other Christian apologists. I did so to both inform others of their logical and factual errors, but also to gain knowledge for myself so I could know the truth.

I used my blogs as a kind of sounding board to get feedback about my ideas and it's been very helpful. At this point, I feel like I still have much to learn, but that the biggest questions I had have already been answered, and that it's only the minor details I have to figure out now. For that I don't believe blogging is necessary. I just plan on continuing my self-education and reading more books.

The posts on this blog I am leaving up as an archive of some of my favorite posts (like this one) and to ensure my extensive book reviews and some notable responses to critics remain available.

In the meantime I can still be reached .

Thank you for reading and for all of your support. Take care.

Ken (“Arizona Atheist”)